Our Services

Our manufacturing group focuses on component parts for many OEM industrial manufacturers. Our group has decades of C.N.C machining experience with all metals, plastics, and composites. Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless, Aerospace and Tool Steels.  We have worked with everything you can cut.

With expertise in a wide variety of markets, Streamline is capable of supporting the most demanding applications from NASA to Military defense optics metals, we have done it all. No task is too small or too challenging. We machine with coating tolerances in mind and offer final inspection and fit fabrication services. We have extensive experience in delivering cosmetically flawless products holding tolerances to the millionths.

C.N.C Machining

C.N.C Lathes Mazak   13″ x 40″ Material size capacity.

C.N.C. Mills Hass VF2 VF1    30″ x 16″ x 30″ Material size capacity.   Rotary head,  Rigid tapping.

Surface Finishing
All types of finish are available for your completed product. Along with all plating , we also provide mechanical and or laser engraving, bead blasting, and for many of our optical pieces, anti reflective painting.

Misc Services
Surface grinding, Diamond burnishing, Lapping and honing. Heat treating and stress relief..We work together with many area companies that provide from larger machining work to grinding, specialized plating, sheet metal work and small to large component welding services.

Contract Assembly
With extensive experience in mechanical assembly. We offer assembly services for all needs.Our technicians have years of experience with mechanical assembly, motor drives, wiring harness, chassis wiring, and electro mechanical assembly. From prefabrication to final assembly, we can design implement and assemble a wide variety of products.

Together with full inspection services.